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HCSO video


Name (First and Last Name Required)
Business (if applicable)
Alternate phone number
ZIP Code
Number of cameras
Do any cameras face the street?
Can video be downloaded?
How can it be downloaded (CD or thumb drive)?
Can video be emailed?
Areas covered by cameras:
Length of time video is stored before being overwritten or lost:
Persons who can access video (names, phone, hours available):
Street Address
Primary phone number
What is Project COP?
   If you have a security camera, you may be able to help solve a crime. You may not even realize that your camera has captured footage that could be very useful to law enforcement, and investigators may not know who to contact so they can look at footage captured on a camera that overlooks a crime scene. Project COP is a partnership between security camera owners and law enforcement with the goal of helping to identify and arrest criminals.

How it works
   Project COP is a free program that allows law enforcement and the community to work together to help identify and prosecute criminals.
   In order for a business or residence to take part in Project COP, residents and business owners must register their privately owned video surveillance systems with the Highlands County Sheriff’s Office. If a crime occurs, investigators can use the Project COP registry to quickly identify nearby cameras that may have captured valuable evidence and then contact the camera owner with a request to view the footage.
   Participants will get a decal (shown above form) to display on their window to indicate they are part of Project COP and have partnered with law enforcement to help solve crimes.

Message from the Sheriff
  "There is almost no better way to prove a criminal case than catching the crime on camera. With Project COP, we will have more tools in neighborhoods to help us solve crimes and also give criminals less chance of getting away unseen. By combining teamwork and technology, Project COP can
be a very beneficial tool for
our county."
— Paul Blackman
Highlands County

For more information, contact Nell Hays, HCSO Crime Prevention, at 863-402-7369 or email her at [email protected]